Globull Warming Could Lead To More Golf Days In Niagara Falls Area..And This Is Bad?

For a place that is freaking cold and snow in the dead of winter ….. say, why does it snow so darned much in Niagara when the water and air are very cold? ……. you’d think more warm days would be something people would look forward to. Not in Climate Alarmist World

NIAGARA FALLS — More golf days and less icewine could be the fate climate change hands the Niagara region, says the Niagara Parks Commission’s parks department director Debbie Whitehouse.

Changes in long-term weather trends should prompt government agencies like the Niagara Parks Commission to pay attention to the consequences of global warming and to consider its own role as an environment leader, said Whitehouse, who oversees its environmental initiatives.

“Our extremes are getting more extreme. We’re experiencing a lot of volatility,” she said during a presentation Tuesday where she outlined some of the long-range effects climate change could have on the Niagara region.

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Hey, Debs, it’s called “weather.” It happens. And, look, there’s that uber scientific world “could” again. Niagara Falls has an average snowfall of 93.6 inches. Obviously, they have had snow falls for a long time.

In Niagara, the number of winter days where the temperature is lower than -20:°C has been dropping over the last 40 years. But the number of summer days where temperatures are over 35:°C is increasing, Whitehouse said.

More days where the temperature is over 35:°C could be one of the consequences for Niagara, she said.

Personally, I’m not seeing the down side to this. More days for people to visit and dump tourist dollars into the economy. And she says that the number of golf days, which has increased by 13 over the past 40 years, could increase by 3 more by 2100. EVERYBODY PAN……hit the links. But, it could affect their ability to make icewine, and

“Our icewine industry might be affected soon,” Whitehouse said.

Global warming’s consequences could be more dire and more far-reaching than merely hurting the wine industry, she warned.

Hmm, freezing to death in -8C weather to make wine, or, standing on the links in the warmth. Obviously, we must get other people to change their behavior to make sure the people of Niagara continue to freeze their buns off.

In Niagara, the water level on the Great Lakes could drop one metre by 2050.

????? Isn’t globull warming supposed to make the waters rise? Or, are the alarmists hedging their bets by also claiming that AGW will make the seas lower, kind of like how they now blame snow and cold on ……. Brian Maloney living a fossil fueled life? Sheesh, it’s not like globull warming is reducing malaria or something.

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