First Obamacare Waivers Now EPA Rules Waivers

The Obama Administration is quickly becoming the most corrupt administration in American history. Recently we reported about the mounting number of waivers that Obama is giving his union pals and union supporters so that they can get away from having to suffer under his Obamacare law and now the president’s jobs-killing greenhouse gas rules levied upon the nation using his fiat EPA powers are also being set aside for his best buddies. Naturally, all those getting these big waivers were big donors to Obama’s campaign.

At this point we are up to over 700 Obamacare waivers given to his union pals and other campaign donors and now the EPA has announced the first waiver for the new greenhouse gas rules that really haven’t even been implemented exactly yet.

Timothy Carney reports that General Electric has been the lucky, lucky recipient of a waiver for Obama’s EPA rules. Yes, very lucky, indeed.

This particular waiver was for a 600-megawatt power plant project in the San Joaquin Valley in California being built by General Electric. The project would have been nearly killed by the EPA’s new rules so the Obama administration decided to allow this project to be “grandfathered in” to the new greenhouse gases and air pollution restrictions.

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Now, can we recall just who Obama made a part of his administration? Why, yes, it is General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt. Only but a few weeks ago Immelt was appointed as Obama’s “jobs creation czar.”

With this announcement and the revealed monumental number of Obamacare waivers already given, one wonders if a whole slew of EPA waiver will be soon to come from Obama for his buddies and their businesses?

In any case, once again we see a close Obama associate suddenly finding all sorts of waivers coming his way so that his businesses can get out from under Obama’s ruinous, economy-killing regulations. Seems like Obama is picking and choosing which businesses live and which ones die with these beneficent rules waivers, doesn’t it? It seems like Obama is trying to destroy all businesses unless they happen to be his buddies or happen to give him millions in campaign donations. In that case, why, he’s happy to waive his jobs-killing rules.

Of course, the obvious question, one I’ve asked several times on this issue, is this: if all these Obamacare laws and EPA rules are so beneficial to the nation, why exactly does Obama’s buddies feel the need to get waivers so that their own businesses won’t be harmed by them? If these fiat rules are so great why would anyone need a waiver?

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