Globull Warming Has Created “Surprising Snowpack” In California

All hail anthropogenic global warming, which has created more than usual snow in California. For a change, Treehugger decides to not actually mention “climate change” (they’re actually avoiding global warming and climate change quite a bit over the last week), and just shocks us with the awesomeness of the natural world

With what might cause a whiplash-like doubletake, California has some happy news about its water supplies. The Sierra snowpack is larger than normally expected at this time of year. Up to 60% of California’s water comes from the Sierra snowpack, and it’s a pleasant twist that after quite a few dry years, there’s finally a lot of it. Part of the reason has been some crazy rain and snowfalls unexpected with the current La Niña year, but researchers wonder if it will hold out.

The SFGate reports, “The water content of the snow in the Sierra is well above normal for March, according to measurements taken manually and electronically throughout the state. The mountains statewide actually contain more frozen water than what would be standard a month from now, when snowpack in California is typically at its peak.”

I will give Treehugger props for not delving into the silly “globull warming causes snow” meme. Very few posts even attempted to go that route. And they even mention La Nina, a natural event.

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Anyhow, funny how our warming world is creating more snow, eh? And then there is this

Of course, the relief is great, but underscores the state’s struggles with water. California’s rising population of people, and it’s role in providing a significant portion of the nation’s fruits, vegetables and dairy, has the state strapped for water. Plus, finding a balance between human wants and ecosystem needs is a struggle, especially around the San Joaquin River delta. While there’s plenty of snow this year, only about 60% of the water requested by cities will be able to be delivered, due to pumping restrictions to protect endangered fish.

So, let’s let humans do without, to protect a freaking fish. Look, I’m all for the environment, but, seriously, a fish? Let it adapt or die out. Darwinism, anyone?

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