Cost To Cleanup Wisconsin Capitol May Not Be $7 Million

The $7.5 million price tag seems to be just an upper limit

State officials have the revised the estimated price tag of cleanup at the Capitol.

Yesterday, officials said the job could cost more than $7 million dollars. Now they’re saying it could cost as little as $350,000.

The concern is over reside left behind by protestors inside the historic building over the last three weeks, specifically, adhesive from posters taped to the Capitol’s stone, marble and wood surfaces.

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Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch is now saying that was a high-end estimate:

“This is what we expected the cost to be if the level of damage that could be ascertained by the media accounts by pictures of what was occurring in the Capitol, if that was a worse case scenario,” said Huebsch.

OK-dokey. That means the cost to clean the damage will be somewhere between $350,000 and $7. million. Either way, good job liberals, you’ve cost the government even more money with your irresponsible protests. Which isn’t really shocking. Liberals really have no actual respect for property that isn’t their own, and typically leave large messes after their rallies, demonstrations, and protests. Like raising taxes, dealing with climate change, and so many other issues, they figure it is always “Someone Else’s” problem to deal with.

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