Guess What “Climate Change” Freaks Want To Tax NOW?

Guess What “Climate Change” Freaks Want To Tax NOW?

If you’re American, then chances are you’ve eaten a few hot dogs and hamburgers and had no idea that you’re causing climate change. Are you ready for a new meat tax?


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A London-based think tank that supports slashing meat consumption is calling for the radical diet change to be “high on the list” of strategies studied by world leaders gathering in Paris next week to discuss global warming.

In its report, Chatham House says cutting down on meat-eating can prevent global warming by 2 degrees by the end of the century, declaring that the cultivation of animals is responsible for about 15 percent of the world’s carbon emissions.

In all honesty, America is pretty fat, but I don’t think anyone will stop eating a few burgers and steaks over global warming – myself included. Maybe I’ll scarf down one cheeseburger instead of two. If I do that once at 30 BBQ’s, then I’ve eaten 30 less burgers. That’s a start, right? How many less incidents of me passing gas with a cow does that equate to?

I guess the big rig truck in front of me with the super black smoke plowing out of the exhaust is not as bad as me having a few days of the meat sweats, right?



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