Movie Studio, Director Apologize for Mostly White Cast In New Film

Movie Studio, Director Apologize for Mostly White Cast In New Film

Tally one point for the brainless diversity complainers who search for the least insignificant things to cry about. Here’s a little story about Lionsgate and it’s director apologizing for having a mostly white cast.


“Gods of Egypt” director Alex Proyas apologized for casting mostly white actors in his upcoming film based on Egyptian mythology.

The filmmaker and studio Lionsgate issued separate statements on Friday acknowledging the controversy sparked by the release of the film’s first trailer two weeks ago, featuring a cast led by Scottish actor Gerard Butler and Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

I can’t believe people have such boring lives that they count the number of white people in a movie, and if it’s too high, then they complain to the point that a lousy apology is needed.

This is very stupid because it’s just a movie. The director can hire whomever he thinks is best for the job.

If we’re forced to be super diverse on every little thing and ruin every movie, job, sports team – then let me join practice with the best NBA basketball team and demand that there be more short white guys on the court who went to college for all four years and aren’t a coach or water boy.

I also want to be on an NFL team and not be the quarterback or kicker. I want to be a white linebacker. There’s not enough short white guy linebackers. I think the league needs more Mike Mamula’s.

After hoops and wrecking running backs, then I’ll be a short white rapper. Eminem and Snow can’t be the only two, so let me step to the mic and drop some knowledge. I have plenty of it after 7 years of college.

When I’m done dunking over Kobe, drilling Tom Brady, and having Dre produce my latest rap single, then I’ll jerk some chicken on the corner like they do in Jamaica while wearing my Canadian tuxedo and watching two gays marry on a unicorn. Then finally, I’ll drape a dress over my head, win woman of the year with my tucked penis, and hire a lady who can’t pass a fire test to be a fireman – because diversity is more important than safety or making sense.

Am I diverse enough for everyone in here? Can I now go about my business and hire whomever I want for MY film? I don’t want any Asians in my movie unless it’s a Kung Fu flick. Too much typecasting going on. Sorry Asians.

Take your diversity complaints and shove it where your rainbow moon doesn’t shine.

Frank Lea

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