Here’s A Handy Dandy Warmist Survival Guide For Christmas Climate Change Discussions

We’re almost to Climate Christmas, folks, just today and tomorrow

Survival Guide For Climate Change Debates

When extended family gets together over the holidays, dinner conversations can sometimes be awkward — such as when your uncle from South Carolina talks politics with your niece from the Bay Area. When thorny questions about climate change arise over your Christmas ham, we’ve got you covered!

Mostly because Warmists/Liberals need talking points, being sheeple and unable to think for themselves.

1. Is carbon dioxide actually bad for you?

No. Carbon dioxide is what we humans (and all animals) breathe out. It is essential for plant life. But carbon dioxide has been in a specific concentration in our atmosphere — within the range of 170 to 300 parts per million — for 800,000 years. Suddenly, in the brief couple hundred years since the industrial revolution, that concentration has shot up. This is largely due to our burning fossil fuels for energy. Our atmosphere now contains 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide. Although carbon dioxide itself is not bad for us, too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to global warming — and that, my friends, is most certainly bad for all of us.

So, it’s not bad for us (kudos to writer Molly Rauch for constantly calling it carbon dioxide, rather than the unscientific “carbon”), but because it might get warm it’s bad for us. Despite Mankind, and life, typically doing better in warmth than cold. And roughly 90% of the last million years was a glacial period. How would life do as glaciers roll down from the Arctic?

2. How can carbon dioxide be called “pollution” if we breathe it out every day?

Pollution is a process that makes any aspect of our environment — our land, air, water, or homes — dirty, unsafe or unsuitable. Scientists are united in their understanding that our unprecedented and ever-rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide are already causing life-threatening changes to our climate. Carbon dioxide emissions are making our planet unsafe for us and, most importantly, our children.

Good thing rising CO2 levels have essentially done away with warming over the last 17 years. Because an increase of 1.4F over 160 years is “life threatening”.

3. What is President Obama’s Climate Plan and will it actually help?

Nope, stopping there, you’re welcome to head over to the HuffPost if you want, and see the answer to #3 and the others. If you, dear Climate Realist, want to answer the Warmists during our Christmas gatherings, simply ask the Warmists if they plan on giving up fossil fuels themselves, and make their own lives carbon neutral. The typical answer will be along the lines of “it’s not about me, it’s about all of us”, along with other deflections as to why they refuse to practice what they preach.

PS: Do you know what Obama’s plan is? Jacking up the cost of living for Everyone Else while taking long fossil fueled flights to Hawaii. This is the man with the highest carbon footprint in the world.

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