TV Anchor Facially Profiles Phil Robertson, Faces Backlash, Station Apologizes (Video)

TV Anchor Facially Profiles Phil Robertson, Faces Backlash, Station Apologizes (Video)

It wasn’t too long ago that Jase Robertson, the son of Phil Robertson and one of the stars of “Duck Dynasty,” told a story about being kicked out of a fancy New York hotel because they mistook him for a homeless man. He approached an employee, asked where the nearest bathroom was and the employee showed him the door. Jase said he was a victim of “facial profiling.” Now, a local Wisconsin reporter is facing backlash for doing the same thing to his dad Phil:

BELLPORT: I mean I’m sorry to say. When you look at the guy, I’m not surprised with the comments he made. You know what I mean? I’m not surprised. And I don’t really know why anyone else is surprised.


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SHORTINO: Have you seen the show?

BELLPORT: (spitting sound) No, sorry I spit on you. Absolutely not. I’m not going to waste my time on that.

SHORTINO: It’s actually kind of funny.

BELLPORT: You know, whatever (disdainful smirking face).

SHORTINO: There are no vampires in that, but it’s pretty funny.


She seems like a pushy, opinionated, ego-centric snob.

TL;DR? She’s a liberal.

And the station issued an apology following the backlash to her bigoted comments:

The comments made today on The Morning Show by anchor Christine Bellport regarding the Duck Dynasty story do not reflect the views of NBC 15 or the NBC 15 newsroom. NBC 15 News Director Russ Bruhn has spoken with Christine about her comments. Keeping with company policy, this is a matter that will be handled internally. We understand the importance of basing our reporting and our anchor comments on facts and not opinions. NBC 15 apologizes for the comments and regrets that Christine offended viewers and Mr. Robertson.

For the record, Phil Robertson has a Masters Degree in Education, more fancy book learning that Bellport.

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