How stupid! Gov. Jerry Brown calls pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson a ‘science denier’

Most people understand that medicine is science, and that a medical doctor – and perhaps a neurosurgeon in particular – is actually a trained science. Medicine, and medical research, proceeds along scientific principles. This is necessarily the case because junk neuromedicine, for example, can get patients killed and its practitioners put in jail.

So it’s especially rich when someone who has earned the nickname “Governor Moonbeam” for habitually endorsing whatever fad quackery and New Age hokum strikes his fancy decides to attack one of America’s most celebrated neurosurgeons as a “science denier” for having taken a skeptical approach to global warming

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Brown’s tweet included this image and a pronouncement that “climate change is much bigger than partisan politics,” as though “climate change” as political advocacy is anything outside of self-serving partisan politics for the Democrats…

It’s a stupid publicity stunt, of course, and it’s a “nonpartisan” attempt at a blatantly partisan attempt to discredit those who would question whether Brown, as governor of California, is doing a good job of managing California’s water resources in the face of a drought that, while severe, isn’t really unprecedented in that state’s history. It just so happens that there are more Californians now than there used to be when previous droughts occurred, and Brown and his predecessors have done nothing to keep the water supply up with the population growth there.

Hence the problem of a water shortage that shows up when there is a drought in a place which was a desert when it began to be settled in the late 19th century. California was a desert before the time of the golf courses and irrigated lawns; it was that way because it doesn’t rain much there.

Exit question: even assuming Carson, the neurosurgeon, is a scientific illiterate in comparison to Jerry Brown the politician, shouldn’t California’s global-warming-caused drought be an important enough circumstance to make Brown interested in building public works projects to increase the water supply (desalination plants, water pipelines, reservoirs and so forth) rather than a $100 billion train from Los Angeles to San Francisco?

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