McCain Exploits Staged Tearjerker Photo to Argue for Importation of Still More Syrians

Emotional exploitation at its most shameless.

You may have wondered if there is anything beneath assistant Democrat John McCain. Now we have a definitive answer: no.

McCain’s latest is using the photo of the dead Syrian kid to demand this country take in more refugees, despite the obvious national security threat from a population that cannot be properly vetted.

Plus the administration changed screening guidelines over a year ago so more Syrians could be admitted, including those with terrorist connections. Another problem is the new popularity of fraudulent Syrian passports so any Middle-Eastern-looking person can claim to be a victim refugee.

Furthermore the story about the drowned boy has unravelled considerably since the media raised a big squawk about it a week or so ago. Apparently the family members weren’t fleeing for their lives from Syria, but left safe Turkey seeking more money and dental implants for the father in Europe. Or something like that.

It’s too bad about the kid, but his freeloader dad getting him killed during a quest to have infidels pay for his new teeth is no reason for the USA to import still more potential terrorists.

As for the picture that McCain and his fellow bleeding heart liberals have gotten so much mileage out of, it appears to be as contrived as the many other pictures Muslims and their friends in the media have staged for propaganda purposes.


On tips from Ben S. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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