Hydro-electric Dams Now Deemed Bad For “Climate Change”

Remember the good old days when Warmists said we should transition away from fossil fuels for energy and look towards solar, wind, geothermal and hydrothermal? Well, wind is known to have a negative impact on the environment. Solar power is not exactly great for the environment, either. Many environmental groups have protested the building of solar and wind projects because of the environmental damage.

When it comes to dams, hydro-electric or otherwise, hardcore environmentalists have long had a bugaboo over them, and even want existing ones torn down. Now we find out that they are super bad for “climate change”

Dams Emerge as Key Climate Change Suspects

Efforts by many countries to reduce their carbon footprint by building hydroelectric dams could be misbegotten should these facilities also prove to be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions.

While dams have long been believed to make a major contribution to reducing carbon emissions by enabling the generation of renewable energy in the form of hydropower, researchers now suspect they could be one of the world’s leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

The reservoirs created by dams generate copious amounts of methane as a result of the bacteria that thrive in their oxygen-deprived environments.

These microbes are essentially the same as those that occupy the intestinal tracts of bovine livestock and human landfills, emitting methane instead of carbon dioxide after consuming organic carbon to produce energy.

The study itself shows that the created lakes emit huge amounts of methane. Which, yes, is in itself a danger for AGW. It is interesting that almost every type of power generation pushed by Warmists has issues. Building dams can also significantly change the local environment. Some will see this as damage, others just as a change.

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