Mom told her daughters to ‘blow bubbles in the bathtub’ and held their heads underwater until they died then put them in ‘princess dresses and curled their hair’ to punish ex-husband

Monster doesn’t do this woman justice. She cold-heartedly drowned both baby girls, curled their hair, dressed them in white and linked their hands, while laying them out on her bed. She videotaped the whole thing and then asked the camera and her ex-husband: “Here, are you happy now?” The woman is a murderous psychotic, but she knew full well right from wrong – she just didn’t care. She meticulously planned the murders and staged the children for effect. If she couldn’t have them, no one could – a classic trait of a psychotic personality.

From the Daily Mail:

A woman who drowned her two daughters while in the middle of a bitter custody battle with her ex-husband is trying to get her murder conviction overturned.

Elaine Campione of Toronto, Canada, told her daughters to ‘blow bubbles in the bathtub’ and then held their heads underwater until they died.

Now, she is trying to convince a judge she is not criminally responsible for the 2006 murders due to a mental disorder.

According to the Toronto Sun, it was determined by both sides during Campione’s trial that she was mentally ill, but she was also aware that what she was doing was mentally wrong.

The mother even filmed as she drowned the girls and then put them in white dresses and curled their hair, then put their hands together and laid them both on her bed.

At this point she looked at the video camera and said to her husband, ‘Here, are you happy now?’

She then added, ‘The children are gone. How does that make you feel?’

She would then wait an entire 33 hours before notifying authorities, telling them that she killed Serena, 3, and Sophia, 19 months, because ‘my babies don’t belong to him, they belong to me.’

Now, her legal team is trying to argue that she truly believed she was saving her two daughters from her ex-husband, Leo, by murdering them.

‘She believed they were unsafe on earth and that by sending them to heaven, she was providing them with a safe haven where they could have a happy life together,’ said he appeal lawyers Joseph Di Luca and Erin Dann.

A jury in 2010 believed that Campione knew what she was doing was wrong, and convicted her of two counts of first-degree murder.

Even she seemed completely aware, describing herself as a ‘monster’ to police officers after committing the murders.

Should she win on appeal, who could be released and simply serve a short period committed to a psychiatric hospital.

The woman should be executed in my opinion for the murders. She is unredeemable regardless of what the liberals think. Odds are she has no religion whatsoever and is using it as a prop for sympathy. One can only hope the judge is savvy enough to see through this manipulative crap and sends her back to deepest, darkest prison where at least she won’t murder any more children. Some people richly earn the death penalty and this woman is one of them. If released, she will eventually kill again – don’t let her children die in vain.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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