Black Man tells black people to ‘STOP messing up neighborhood’ there ‘ain’t no rich white man sneaking into the hood painting graffiti, peeing in hallways, sellin’ crack on the corner”. [Video]

Indeed, sometimes it’s just you. And that goes for all of us, regardless of color. This guy has more common sense than all the race hustlers combined. I’m sure this young man is getting all kinds of blowback over this video – calling him names and saying he is nothing but an Uncle Tom. But he is speaking the truth and saying what has to be said – what should be said. We are responsible for our actions and if you want to move up in this world and be successful, start acting like an adult and quit blaming everyone else for your situation.

From Gateway Pundit:

If you have not seen this epic rant please take five minutes and watch this video. Pure Perfection…

Will the Real Black Americans Please stand up
By Charles R. Patrick Furguson

Do you really think it is those living in Ferguson that are rioting? Nope. It is outside agitators – radical communists, Islamic terrorists and Progressive racists. By tearing up your neighborhoods, you serve an elitist agenda that wants to keep you down and poor. These community organizers want you to be in a lower class, poor and needy. Don’t play their game. The Progressives want to use and discard us, so they can garner more power and wealth. They use Americans like pawns and then throw them in the cultural trash heap. Inciting a race war helps no one but those in power and feeling entitled brings you nothing but poverty and sadness. Be moral and responsible enough to accept it when someone commits an obvious crime, black or white, and that he or she must face the consequences of their actions. Stop the knee jerk response of blaming white officers for shooting black youths when they were doing their job. We can make things better – we don’t need outside troublemakers and the government coming in and stirring up hate. Put blame where it belongs. Sometimes, it’s just us.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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