Latest AGW Scare: 20% Of All Species Could Perish

Yet another in a long line of face palm pronouncements from the Climate Alarmist camp

Up to a fifth of all species of animals and plants risk extinction even if the world manages to limit global warming to levels widely viewed as safe, the head of the Convention on Biological Diversity said.

Ahmed Djoghlaf also told Reuters on the sidelines of December 7-18 talks on climate change in Copenhagen that every nation in the world was set to fail to meet a target of slowing the loss of species by 2010.

“For each degree centigrade of warmer temperature, it is predicted that 10 percent of all known species will disappear,” Djoghlaf told Reuters.

“Therefore this idea of stabilizing the temperature at no more than 2 Celsius…will lead to the disappearance of 20 percent of known species,” he said. “Climate change is contributing to the loss of biodiversity.”

I thought Climate Alarmists also believed in Evolution, the principles of survival of the fittest? If a species can’t survive a couple degree temperature change, must not be a very good species. Or, maybe, the species would adapt, like has happened again and again and again.

World temperatures have already risen by about 0.7 degrees Celsius since the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Woah! A whopping .7 degrees C since the end of the Little Ice Age? Holy Cow!

“We continue to lose biodiversity at unprecedented rates and this has been seriously compounded by climate change but also by land use, urbanization,” and other factors, Djoghlaf said.

Bingo! We have a winner! It is land use and urbanization that is causing the biggest problems with bio-diversity, as well as supposedly higher temperatures. But, what would the Climate Alarmists have us do? Get rid of the cities, live like it is 10,000 BC? Considering how many lefties are city dwellers, I suspect they would expect everyone else to give up their lives, just not themselves.

  • Elsewhere, how bad is it when the very far left LA Times refers to Copenhagen as the “Disneyland of climate change,” and mentions all the lobbyists and policy wonks attending?
  • Bonnie Prince Charley decides to run with his own climate alarmist predictions. No mention of what kind of expensive car he had flown to Copenhagen to be driven around in.
  • A climate alarmist lashes out at the UN for running a “dull Disneyland for grownups.”
  • And, finally, congrats to Marc Morano , whose site, Climate Depot, has quickly become the king of skeptics in a Newsweek profile!

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