Fail Tag: Hillary Discusses The Reality Of Obama’s Iran Policy

Via Gateway Pundit, Hillary admits that the Obama admin. has failed in their policy regarding Iran. Let’s watch

As Jim Hoft points out, Hillary stated that the Obama admin has stood by the Iranian protesters. Jim points out otherwise. Furthermore, has anyone heard word one from the President regarding the protests going on since the summer, and ramped up since Monday the 7th? A State Dept. flunky gave a tepid measure of support for the protesters, and President Chump sorta referred to them in a roundabout generic way during his Nobel speech.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Rubin smacks Hillary around for a bit over her doubletalk.

Also, Iran claims that they have test fired another missile capable of hitting Israel and US targets in the Middle East. More provocation. What now, President Chump?

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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