Liberal Establishment Tries to Hype Global Warming as Health Issue

Never mind Ebola, never mind the enterovirus that Obama appears to have imported from Central America and distributed throughout the country. Doctors have a more pressing concern — treating people for global warming:

Among the more than 310,000 demonstrators marching through Manhattan in last week’s People’s Climate March were contingents of physicians. And now the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the voice of the nation’s powerful medical establishment, has issued a call-to-arms to doctors, urging those in health and health-related fields to throw their weight behind climate change prevention efforts.

This is the price we pay for letting everything, even medicine, become corrupted by left-wing politics.

“Is climate change similar to poverty and war, best left to other scientists and politicians, or is it of such fundamental importance—like clean water, clean air, and adequate sanitation—that physicians should strive to further clarify the effects of climate change on health, educate themselves and the public, and mount a campaign to ensure that climate change does not lead to an epidemic of eroding health?” wrote Howard Bauchner, JAMA editor-in-chief, and executive editor Phil Fontanarosa.

Yes, they concluded.

“Understanding and characterizing this threat and educating the medical community, public, and policy makers are crucial if the health of the world’s population is to continue to improve during the latter half of the 21st century,” according to Bauchner and Fontanarosa.

The editorial accompanied a new JAMA study that found that climate change is already making us sick, and will make us even sicker as global warming accelerates.

Readers are treated to a long list of health problems that supposedly will be caused by global warming. Most are preposterous. Among them is the incredible claim that a warmer climate would “reduce agricultural yields.” This is the exact opposite of the truth; one of the main reasons a warmer climate would be welcome is that it would increase the amount of land available for farming. With luck, one day we will be able to farm Greenland again like the Vikings did during the Medieval Warm Period. Also, the CO2 that according to Al Gore’s debunked theory causes global warming is plant food; the more there is of it, the healthier the crops.

What does all this have to do with medicine? Plenty, in a country where most of the research grants come from the government, and the government desperately wants people to believe in the collapsing global warming hoax, which is being used as a pretext for a socialist power grab.

Since global warming is a strictly political issue, it doesn’t matter that climate fluctuation is constant and unavoidable, or even that there has been no global warming for the past 18 years.

While doctors here are busy earning grants by participating in fantasies, real health problems like cancer will have to be addressed in countries that have not been rendered insane by liberal ideology.

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