Head of CDC Gibbers That Containing Ebola in West Africa Will Increase Our Own Risk

The paranoid might think that Obama’s conspicuous refusal to take any meaningful steps toward protecting the American population from Ebola is yet another example of abetting a crisis that Big Government can eventually exploit as an opportunity to expand its power. But there is another explanation: since the election of Barack Obama, we are living in Upside-Down World.

In Rightside-Up World, the glaringly obvious first step would be to block flights from Ebola-infested hellholes like Liberia, so that if we get any more Thomas Eric Duncans, at least they have to go to the trouble of coming up through the undefended border with Mexico. But in Upside-Down World, containing the virus would actually make it worse. Just ask Tom Frieden, the bureaucrat atop the CDC:

“The impulse might be to isolate these countries. If we do that, we’ll actually be increasing our own risk because, really, the simple truth is, by stopping it there and by helping them stop it there, we’re helping ourselves.”

That is, rather than protect the American people, our rulers are going to attempt to cure all of Africa, which has been known throughout history for its exotic and lethal diseases. West Africa in particular has been called the “White Man’s Graveyard” for this reason. The futile effort to render it disease-free will involve not only spending massive amounts of money that we don’t have, but sending over American personnel who will inevitably come back to spread disease here.

Like Islam, Ebola is just an opportunistic infection. The underlying sickness that makes us vulnerable to it and that will eventually kill us all if we don’t find a cure is political correctness.

On tips from Bill T and DJ. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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