LOL! Trump Trolls Liberals On Global Warming During Record COLD Temperatures

LOL! Trump Trolls Liberals On Global Warming During Record COLD Temperatures

President Donald Trump is good at a lot of things, but one of the things he excels at is trolling liberals and getting them to complain about him, which nets even more media coverage. (No such thing as “bad” press, right?)

Well, he’s done it again, this time on the topic of global warming. Trump took to Twitter, as he is wont to do, and took a sledgehammer of reality upside the heads of climate-change preaching liberals who are always insisting that the sky is falling.

Following record cold temperatures in the east, Trump decided it was time to call for some global warming. You know, because not all of us enjoy polar bear weather.

Despite the unnaturally cold temps, snowflakes were melting all over.

Are you a starving fish, Amy, or do you always fall this hard for obvious bait?

Those “statistics, trends and scientific studies” are up for debate from other scientists, but don’t let that stop you from getting triggered.

Get a new house?

Don’t hold your breath, you don’t look good in blue.

Did someone who can’t speak in full sentences just ask the President if he went to school?

So, if you “like” a tweet, the entire education system is flawed? I would suggest that there are holes in your logic, but you don’t appear to have used any.

You misuse the word “literally” and you accuse Trump of not knowing anything? Okay then.

Let’s make this clear, this tweet was meant to be a joke. One that liberals took way too seriously and got all upset over. If only liberals cared about jobs and the economy as much as they care about the President tweeting about how cold it is in certain parts of the United States. Then maybe we could come together and agree on legislation.

Even if you don’t like the President, I think we can all agree that this is absolutely hilarious. The fact that he can bother so many people with 280 characters has got to be some sort of superpower. I officially call on the federal government to fund a study measuring the amount of triggering that occurs every time the President puts out a tweet on a controversial issue. I would be perfectly okay with that use of taxpayer dollars.

But seriously, people might want to bundle up. It’s getting cold out there. Check in on your neighbors and make sure they’re alright.

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