Dem Judge Jailed For Lying To FBI Resigns Over Sex Scandal – Now Running For Congress

Dem Judge Jailed For Lying To FBI Resigns Over Sex Scandal – Now Running For Congress

A former Philadelphia judge named Willie Singletary has been in the public eye for quite a while and unfortunately for him, it’s not all been good. First, he was forced to resign after it was discovered that he sexually harassed a city cashier and sent her pictures of his genitals. He was suspected and forced to resign after an investigation revealed some unsavory details.

Following that, he was jailed for lying to the FBI during an investigation into whether his office was running a “ticket fixing scheme” that was said to benefit the rich in the community. Despite being cleared of the charges, he was caught in a lie that landed him in prison for 20 months. The traffic court that he presided over was later abolished by voters.

Instead of running away and hiding like any self-respecting human would do, Mr. Singletary, 36, has decided that the best step would be to run for Congress. As a Democrat, of course.

“Even though I made some mistakes, I’m not a mistake,” said Singletary in a video announcing his candidacy. “And just like many in our community, we all could use a fresh start.”

Yes, that’s true. Perhaps your “fresh start” could be in a store that sells flowers, or something like that. Not as a public servant where people have to rely on you not to be a scumbag, especially when you’ve already proven yourself to be a sexually harassing jerk with a penchant for lying. We already have enough men in office who have a history of touching things that don’t belong to them – from breasts to wallets. We don’t need another one just because you want a “fresh start.”

Not to mention it’s probably a bad idea to run for a public seat in this climate when you already have a sexual harassment case under your belt that caused you to resign.

Singletary’s lawyer, in an attempt to make his client look better, brought up Mayor Marion Barry, who was recorded smoking a crack pipe and still won his election.

“He was found not guilty of every single corruption charge.” said William J. Brennan. “Marion Barry was the mayor of D.C. He was on film smoking a crack pipe, and he was elected mayor. So I think voters are forgiving people.”

If even one Democrat votes for a man who sexually harassed a woman and lied to the FBI, then they are going to be forced to give up their position on the moral high-ground. I can’t believe anyone thinks that this is a good idea.

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