Monumental Man-Made Scientific Scandal Climategate Described As “Missteps By Scientists” By WaPo

Could the WaPo undersell the man-made scientific disaster that is the Global Warming hoax any more? I think not. Tom Maguire takes WaPo down.

As AJ Strata notes today,”I see an avalanche of bad news coming for the alarmists.” [He has a all the details, go read it.] AJ concludes:

So what have we learned since climategate? We have learned that the current warm period is not only stalled but has been cooling. We have learned that statistically it is no warmer now than a 70 years ago, before the huge increase in human CO2 production. And thanks to Dr Phil Jones finally being honest about the science, we know there is no scientific proof today is any warmer than the two previous warm periods (Medieval and Roman) that have been established science for a couple hundred years now.

So the data is bogus. The data was manipulated to be more bogus. And the manipulated bogus data was used to form a theory that would remake society as we know it.

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The whole goal: control human behavior to “save the world” is more like a cult. Remember, “Global Warming is a Moral Issue.

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