20 Random 140 Character Thoughts

* If the Tea Parties had about 50% less minorities show up, they might be as white as Kos’s Netroots Nation.

* A nation that believes it can run up huge deficits forever rather than cut benefits for its citizens is in deep denial

* The average lib thinks that if we’re nice enough, we can reach an understanding with Ahmadinejad, but Rush Limbaugh can’t be reasoned with

* Liberalism: Raise taxes, expand government, control more people’s lives. Doesn’t work? Repeat — but, fight harder!

* There’s nothing inherently moral about liberals. In fact, libs tend to be more racist & less compassionate than the avg.

* Liberals who try to make the poor dependent on government aren’t compassionate, they’re using them for political gain.

* The banking crisis wasn’t caused by a lack of regulation. It was caused by regulation that pushed banks to make bad loans

* It’s FAR MORE DANGEROUS for the GOP to cooperate on bad legislation with the Dems than to get tagged as the party of No.

* One thing I do agree with Obama on: Stepping up the assassination of terrorists via drones in Pakistan.

* The moment the GOP has a nominee in 2012, the left will attack & hate them just as much as they hate Palin.

* There ain’t no such thing as a conservative grassroots organization that loves John McCain. Just saying.

* Most annoying trend in advertising: Video ads with audio that auto-run when you hit a web page.

* “So what? You find yourself some local tail and you forget what team you’re on?” — Avatar | Yep. Movie in a nutshell.

* I’ll buy any product that puts together an ad featuring the Audi Green police being pistol whipped unconscious

* It’s amazing how much of Newt Gingrich’s grassroots support has evaporated over the last year.

* Health care might have been in the red zone, but there was a big sack. Now it’s 3rd and goal from the 28 yard line

* An ideal Federal government in our country wouldn’t take much from you, do much for you, or get in your way

* Obama is horrible off teleprompter: Uh…pause. Lie. Off topic. Ignore. Uh. Uh. Slow. Uh.

* If 90% of what we worry about never happens, why is being positive less “realistic” than being negative?

* Global warming “science” appears to mainly consist of fudging data & making doomsday prophecies in return for grant money

* Bipartisanship! The GOP & Dems now have the same political message: The GOP is the only thing stopping the Dem agenda.

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