Newest AGW Scare: It Can Burn Your Brain And Blood System And Make You Believe In Halloween

If it’s Tuesday, it must be time for the next AGW scaremongering

Dr Francis Yeboah, Head of Molecular Medicine at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), on Tuesday said too much heat could affect how the brain worked and could also increase the risk of cardiovascular or heart diseases.

He explained that even though the body could absorb some heat, the required body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius, when the body temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius there was cause for concern.

Dr Yeboah said certain fluids, including the cerebrum spinal fluid were affected when the body absorbed too much heat.

Too much cold has a negative effect on the body, as well. And, this thing about too much heat makes a bit of sense. But, he wouldn’t have an agenda, would he?

He was speaking at workshop organized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the theme: “Integrating Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Development Planning.”

No, no agenda.

The workshop is being attended by participants from the various embassies and high commissions, delegates from the sub-region, representatives from the various Ministries, Department and Agencies as well as the media Dr Yeboah said with changes in the weather, temperatures were expected to rise and it was important that government put in place measures to address public health since many diseases in Africa were also linked to changes in the weather.

There were lots of issues back during the early days of the Little Ice Age. The Vikings in Greenland started dying off when they were no longer able to farm, they couldn’t grow grapes for wine in England, and, oh, yeah, the Black Death was spreading around Asia and Europe.

The heat is probably affecting people’s belief systems, too

The latest Pew poll on global warming shows a large drop in the percentage of Americans who say there is solid evidence that global temperatures are rising, from 71% down to only 57% in the last 18 months. And global warming due to human activity? The overall numbers have declined from 47% to 36%. To put this in perspective, a Gallup poll found that 37% of Americans believe that houses can be haunted. This contrast is particularly dramatic among conservatives: Only 18% of republicans believe that there is evidence of global warming caused by human activity, while 28% of conservatives believe in haunted houses.

To sum it up, 37% believe in haunted houses, 36% believe in AGW.

Meanwhile, Climate Chief Lord Stern says you need to turn vegetarian, particularly since a successful Copenhagen climate treaty will “lead to soaring costs for meat and other foods that generate large quantities of greenhouse gases.”

And, all you fatties? Yeah, you are bad for the climate environment. Has anyone told Al Gore? He’s not exactly thin anymore, what with all that great food at all the conferences he attends as he flies around the world.

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