Fox News Pounds Moonbat Messiah at NPR

It looks like Rules for Radicals steered The Anointed One down the wrong road when the “isolate your enemies” strategy led him to declare war on Fox News for daring to question his disastrous policies. Even at NPR, the securest bastion of head-up-the-colon elitist liberalism you are likely to find, a free and honest press is winning favor over megalomaniacal authoritarianism. NPR asked its pinky-lifting, latte-sipping readership, “In White House vs. Fox News war of words, who gets your vote?” The heartening results so far:


Cast your vote.

FNC’s ratings are up 10% since the White House launched its little war. Meanwhile, the Obamunist toadies at CNN have seen their ship sink to last place in prime time.

On tips from Just passing, Jay Guevara, and BURNING HOT. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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