Obviously, Denial Of Globull Warming Is Like Denial Of Hitler

I’m tempted to use the malodorous phrase “jumping the shark”, a phrase I detest, for this next bit of climaidiocy, yet, the climate change hoax has continued on long after Happy Days finally ended beyond the Fonzie jumps the shark episode, and Happy Days wasn’t broadcasting idiocy daily. Case in point

In 1933 Winston Churchill looked over the horizon from England and saw a dreadful future forming. Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party was on the rise and flexing its militaristic muscles. But when Churchill tried to warn his country he was ignored and mocked.

Six long years passed and the threat grew ever larger but still Churchill’s warnings went unheeded, until the reality bit and the world was at war.

The parallels with climate change are curious and chilling, as outlined by Clive Hamilton in a fascinating new article [PDF].

Well, obviously, except for that pesky part about being able to stop Hitler, but having little to no control over the natural processes of the Sun and the Earth. The writer, Mike Shanahan, then goes on to describe people blowing Churchill off, denying the danger from Nazi Germany, before moving on to mentioning The Plague by Albert Camus, which is about people denying the rise of a deadly disease in France, which is an “allegory for the Nazi occupation of France in World War II.” Funny that Shanahan would use a fiction book to make a comparison to a fictional issue, eh?

Sounds familiar? Some people deny that the climate is changing. Others deny that human activities contribute to climate change. Yet more people accept that climate change is real but – whether they think that humans are to blame or not – they deny that there is any need to do anything about it.

Others think we should do something to adapt to climate change but deny that there is also a need to reduce the emissions that cause the problem. They too are in a form of denial. As Hamilton puts it: “To a greater or lesser extent, we are all climate deniers.”

See? It’s so simple! If you deny that ‘climate change’ is happening and is mostly or solely caused by Mankind’s use of power to publish a blog (oops), then you are obviously the same as the people who denied that Hitler was a bad boy and needed to be stopped!

Speaking of shark jumping, the media didn’t bother covering this

Global-warming protesters in Cancun for the United Nations COP16 climate summit poured human feces in the streets, threw eggs at police, attacked American fast-food establishments, and generally went on a rampage demanding “action” and “climate justice,” among other things.

Nor did they bother covering most of the rest of the violent demonstrations, nor the vandalism. Previously, you could depend on dogs and small children to play with poop; liberals have now degenerated to that same level (remember the story about liberals smearing themselves with feces so the cops wouldn’t touch them at the 2004 GOP convention?) And speaking of Ka-ka, that’s the direction the alarmist’s science is going, as Steven Goddard catches Jim Hansen making up temperature readings.

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