Push For ObamaCare Repeal Remains High As Constitutional Ruling Should Come Today

They told us that the longer ObamaCare was around, the more people would love it. Au, contraire

Time doesn’t seem to be winning the new national health care law any more friends. Most voters have favored repeal of the law every week since it was passed and support for repeal has now inched up to its highest level since mid-September. Many Americans remain concerned that the law will force them to change their health insurance coverage.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 60% of Likely U.S. Voters at least somewhat favor repeal of the health care law while 34% are opposed. As has been the case since the law was first passed, those who favor repeal feel more passionately than those who want to keep the law–46% Strongly Favor repeal while just 23% who are Strongly Opposed. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Total support for repeal is up four points from a week ago but consistent with opposition to the law for months. Support for repeal has ranged from 50% to 63% in weekly tracking since Democrats in Congress passed the law in late March.

Hmm, that’s weird. People still overwhelmingly hate the legislation. I guess Mr. 24% should have thought about that before hand.

A Virginia federal judge is expected to issue a decision on the constitutionality of the new healthcare reform law Monday.

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson will decide whether the federal government can require individuals to purchase health insurance, in accordance with the Constitution’s commerce clause. Whatever Hudson rules Monday, he said in October the case will wind up in the Supreme Court.

On Thursday, a federal court in Florida will hear oral arguments on a healthcare reform lawsuit filed by 20 states. In October, U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson allowed the lawsuit to challenge two constitutional provisions: whether the law’s individual mandate violates the commerce clause, and whether the federal government can require states to expand their Medicaid programs.

Today’s decision will be big, but, as the story says, no matter which way it goes, the Supreme Court will eventually get it. Unless he GOP manages to repeal it in the next year or so, which is doubtful. Their best bet is to defund it. That, and perhaps they can slip the repeal of certain portions bit by bit into other legislation. We know that Dems do not bother to read anything the vote for.

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