Polar Bears Besiege Meteorologists

Polar Bears Besiege Meteorologists

When the world we are presented comes up against the world that actually exists, the real world wins — which is bad news for meteorologists under siege by the supposedly dwindling polar bears:

A team of Russian weather experts claim that their station on an ice-covered Arctic isle is “besieged” by polar bears, according to a report by Russian news agency TASS.

The five researchers charged with staffing the outpost on Troynoy Island say that there are about 10 adult polar bears as well as cubs circling their base. A female polar bear spends nights perched outside the station’s windows, making it dangerous for the scientists to exit. They have reportedly run out of flares and have lost at least one of their two dogs to the arctic beasts.

The presence of the polar bears has made carrying out meteorological observations difficult, reports TASS. Russian law outlaws killing polar bears, a globally listed endangered species, so scientists in the Arctic are mostly equipped with flares and guns with rubber bullets.

Yet the vicious, man-hunting, and increasingly numerous beasts do not reciprocate with rubber fangs and claws.

Comically, the Washington Post piece attempts to blame the aggressiveness of polar bears on global warming.

Not as cuddly as on the kiddie shows.

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