HYPOCRITES! Mexico Plans To Build GREAT WALL, To Keep Illegal Immigrants Out…

HYPOCRITES! Mexico Plans To Build GREAT WALL, To Keep Illegal Immigrants Out…

ROFLMAO… no really. Mexico has an illegal immigration problem. No not Americans crawling across the southern border to Mexico — are you CRAZY? There are thousands of Central Americans creeping across Mexico’s southern border and the Prez ain’t happy. Why you say? President Nieto, of Mexico, complains ‘hordes’ of Guatemalans, Salvadorans and Hondurans are fleeing violence in their own countries toward the Mexican border. Nieto and his officials say that Mexico can’t possibly pay for the influx and that Mexican officials are unable to afford to send them back to their own countries. Dude… that Mexican President must hate Hispanics… what a racist!


According to an article by one of the largest newspapers in the border state of Tamaulipas, El Mañana, titled: ‘Yes to the Border Wall … but in Mexico’s South.’

The real estate mogul sparked international outrage last year when he unveiled his idea for a giant wall on the US border with Mexico – which he claimed Mexico would pay for.

But while Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has mocked Trump’s plans, many Mexicans praised the concept of a border wall.

‘Trump’s idea of a border wall is a good one but it should be on the southern border with Central America in order to stop the flow of Central Americans from entering both countries,’ the El Mañana board wrote in July.

The hypocrisy is making my head spin, truly. I agree that enforcing the southern border in Mexico would stop the influx of illegal immigrants to Mexico and in turn to the US. But seriously, they have some gall to say how dare the US to block them out when they are actually blocking multiple countries out.

Since we’ve established by Liberal standards that people who want to protect the border of their own countries are racists and that makes President Nieto a racist, I want to take a jab at him (since he’s a racist). Check out this picture below of President Nieto and Donald Trump. Trump in person is a HUGE guy. Compare the picture of Hillary and Nieto up above and this one. Trump is 6’2 and Nieto is 5’8. I had the opportunity to meet Trump in person a couple years ago, he is definitely a man of stature. I used to think he was 5’10 or something, so I was shocked to have to look way up at him. Anyway, take a look at both of these ‘racists’ – Nieto and Trump. They should both be berated and beaten for wanting to protect their countries… how dare they, right?


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