Professor Emeritus of Climate Ideology: Human Race Has Less Than 10 Years to Exist

Professor Emeritus of Climate Ideology: Human Race Has Less Than 10 Years to Exist

Don’t waste money on long-term investments. The human race has less than 10 years to exist according to Guy McPherson, who must be an expert because he is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona:

He blames climate change and the impacts already unleashed by human activity for his extreme prophecy. And it’s too late to change the apocalypse that is to come, he says.

“I can’t see humans existing within 10 years. We can do nothing to stop the planet becoming too hot to grow food and support life. It is already happening and we have less than a decade left.”

Starvation, dehydration, disease, and exposure will lead the way, he said.

Even other climate hoaxers think he is over the top. But as McPherson might note with satisfaction, he is the one we are talking about, not them. You don’t hustle a living as a professional climate doomsayer by whispering softly about things that might actually happen. Just ask the zillionaire enviroblowhard Al Gore.

McPherson cites scientific data including tipping points, positive feedback systems and exponential growth to back up his claims.

He ought to make it more multicultural by including shamanistic readings of goat entrails.

McPherson explains why he disagrees with the warmists who think we have more than 10 years to live:

“Other scientists are specialists. They focus on a narrow topic. They do not consider the entire Earth system in their work,” Mr McPherson said.

Only by knowing nothing in particular can you properly focus on the big picture.

McPherson said he was not concerned that his message might alarm or distress people. “I’m a teacher. I relay evidence. I cite science. I’m not relying on a belief system.”

It is those who don’t share his unfounded beliefs who rely on belief systems.

When Al Gore predicted in 2007 that the polar ice caps could completely disappear by 2013, some may have waited 6 years before bursting in laughter. No need to hold the guffaws for a whole decade in McPherson’s case. It is already evident that the nutty professor is so full of it, methane emissions must be leaking from his ears. Far from descending into a fiery inferno, and despite the ever-rising levels of harmless CO2 in the atmosphere, now that El Niño has passed, we could be headed toward record cold.

record cold

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