Rio Olympics Opens Up With A Slice Of ‘Climate Change’ Propaganda

I wonder if anyone actually saw it between the innumerable commercials run by NBC


(Washington Examiner) The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro commenced Friday night with an opening ceremony that made a global plea to reverse climate change and conserve the Earth’s resources.

It’s Brazil’s first time hosting the Olympics. In fact, it’s the first time any South American country has welcomed more than 200 nations’ athletes for the historic games.

The opening ceremonies’ planning committee put on a more earthy, funky and down-to-Earth experience than previous summertime host countries like London and Beijing. Part of that focus was calling on all nations to save the environment, an almost ironic plug considering the neglected state that parts of Rio are in despite the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

Not mentioned during that portion were the the huge numbers of people who traveled to Rio for the games on fossil fueled planes. For athletes alone, they expected over 10,500. Then there are the people who are there as coaches. All the media. And the IOC expected over 480,00 to attend the games. What’s the carbon footprint of all that travel in fossil fueled vehicles, the food, the garbage, the concrete to build the venues, the electricity, etc?

But, hey, they have a video narrated by Judy Dench! You can see it at Mediaite, or this video of a TV.

And poo filled waterways. Can’t forget about them.

And then NBC probably went back to commercials. Which do not show the 3.6 million metric tonnes expected carbon footprint of the games.

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