Anti-Police Hate Plagues The Globe – German Police Chief SHOCKED By Left-Wing Violence…

Anti-Police Hate Plagues The Globe – German Police Chief SHOCKED By Left-Wing Violence…

I find this highly disturbing on numerous fronts. In America, the leftists and racists have cop-hatred down to an art form and assassinations of the police are ratcheting up. But we are not alone. In Germany, it is really bad. Throw in anarchists, leftists and the Muslim refugee problem and you have a powder keg with the fuse lit. It’s shocking and the police are dumbstruck by the level of violence being aimed at them as they try to stand between leftists and those on the right. Almost all violence is coming from the left, just as it does here. Officers are being put in the hospitals there and they are being hunted and killed. Sound familiar? The left hates the right and views them as a ‘stab in the heart’. Anyone who stands between them and killing those they hate is the enemy… and that would be the police.


From Breitbart:

The police chief of the city of Göttingen expressed his shock at the scale of violence that has erupted towards his officers from left wing extremists who he claims view police as the enemy.

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The comments made by Thomas Rath, Chief of the Göttingen police forces, comes after brutal clashes at a demonstration that occurred Sunday. According to Mr. Rath, the left wing extremist protesters who demonstrated against a meeting of a right wing group known as the “Circle of Friends Niedersachsen/Thüringen,” had taken out their anger on his officers.

He claimed that seven of his officers had been so badly injured by the leftists that they were left unfit for service until further notice, reports public broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

Let me ask you this… what if the violence got so bad globally against the police that the UN stepped in and ‘saved’ everyone with military force. There’s your One-World Order right there. Can you imagine martial law globally? If that doesn’t give you nightmares, I don’t know what will.

And then there is Obama, who could very well leave the White House to head up the UN. He’s already pushing the UN to nationalize our police forces and he is about to have them pass a resolution that would kill our nuclear program. What if Obama now rules the body that rules the world? Digest that one for a moment and savor it. If the violence keeps escalating as I think it will, this is one scenario that just might happen. Things can always, always get worse.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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