Shockingly, Aussies Are Irritated By The Subject Of Globull Warming

Oh, and they are apparently given poor information to change their minds and become followers of Gore

A LACK of “credible information” is one of the main reasons that 40 per cent of Australians do not believe that humans have a role in global warming, according to the head of the federal government’s Climate Commission, Tim Flannery.

That needs context

“No enduring reforms will happen in this space until we get the weight of public opinion behind them,” Professor Flannery told The Australian.

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“Climate scientists need to be more widely heard in the public debate.”

Got that? The lack of “credible information” isn’t occurring because the “science” has been completely destroyed, but because climate scientist Believers, who are constantly given platforms on the TV news, in magazines and print/Internet news, as teachers, and in front of government panels, aren’t more widely heard. Or, it could be because their message and science are mostly bunk, along with hysterical and silly.

And the fact that many Australians found the topic irritating, according to a CSIRO survey, was hampering efforts to communicate the science of climate change and to implement effective policy, he said.

After over 20 years of pushing this hoax, after seeing the overwrought and breathless reports claiming we’re all doomed, that this or that are going to die out/disappear, the planet is going to burn, snow is a thing of the past, hot, cold, wet, dry, etc and so on, yes, people are irritated. And they do not want to see their money used to curtail their own freedoms.

The study was aimed at laying the foundations of communication strategy for governments and other players attempting to enlist Australians in the switch to a low-carbon economy, said CSIRO psychologist Iain Walker, who led the project.

Personally, I lay out the facts, and let people come to the proper conclusion. Climate morons need “communication strategies,” because the science is foolish and often contradictory. The very fact that they have to term it “climate change” rather than “global warming” should tell them all they need to know. But, you can’t change the minds of cult members.

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