Politico: War Obama Launched Gets In The Way Of Obama’s Economy Talking Points

Truly one of the funniest, or, is that “most absurd?”, headlines of the day, via the Politico’s Glenn Thrush: Now Libya steps on President Obama’s message

President Barack Obama’s decision to intervene in Libya has presented him with a whole new set of political problems with members of both parties. But its most worrisome effect for the White House is the way it’s undermining his efforts to address what has been his administration’s longest-running issue — the economy.

So, the war of convenience Obama launched is getting in the way of an issue that Obama has been talking about for over two years?

The economy – and Obama’s claim that he rescued the country from the brink of depression — will be central to Obama’s reelection campaign, which he officially launched by releasing a video message to supporters Monday morning.

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Interestingly, as Weasel Zippers points out, Obama fails to appear nor speak in his re-election announcement. Besides, didn’t Champ tell the GOP that there would be plenty of time to campaign in 2012 for 2012?

But in the view of his closest allies, Libya is drowning out his attempts to portray himself as an economic commander-in-chief fighting a series of new threats to the fragile U.S. recovery, especially the devastating and politically poisonous rise in gas prices.

You know what is also drowning out that attempt to portray himself as an economic awesome dude? The fact that he is clueless, that his outsourced Stimulus failed, that the economy is still barely recovering, that unemployment is still high, that tons of people have abandoned looking for work entirely, that he has done nothing to alleviate the rise of energy prices, foreclosures are still high, food prices are skyrocketting, federal spending is way to high, and we have a huge debt and deficit.

Obama staffers have made it clear to Democratic allies they are worried about the effect of Libya on their economic message and that one of the factors pushing the administration to hand over control of military operations is the perception that the president is more focused on the Middle East than on Middle America.

So, Obama abdicated his role as Commander In Chief of the US armed forces for a war, excuse me, kinetic operation, he started to foreign weenies because of political considerations surrounding his re-election? Doesn’t get much more cynical and ridiculous than that, folks.

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