Snap! Supermodel Says Manmade Globull Warming Causes Everything!

Sadly, you can’t really call be too critical of her, because actual scientists and people in the know hold the same idiotic notions: Helena Christensen calls for action on climate change

The supermodel, who is a global ambassador for Oxfam, visited villages in the foothills of the Himalayas to see first hand the effect of floods and droughts on rural communities.

Gee, how’d she get there? On a jet airplane, by chance? Maybe a private plane? Aren’t they supposedly bad for the climate?

The Terai region is the most productive in Nepal but in recent years the area has suffered erratic weather patterns with more intense cold waves in the winter, followed by heavy burst of rain and lengthy droughts.

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So, globull warming causes cold, drought, and rain.

Ms Christensen, who has also visited Peru with Oxfam to see the effects of extreme weather, blamed man made global warming.

She gets around, doesn’t she? I wonder what her “carbon footprint” is?

As ministers prepare to meet in Cancun, Mexico for the next round of climate change talks, she called for action to help poor people adapt the extreme weather events that are probably already caused by global warming.

And there are your pre-Cancun talking points, folks: it’s all for the poor, and turning every weather event into an “extreme” one. Anyhow, I bet the early snow and unusual early cold in Europe, including Helena’s home country of Holland is caused by greenhouse gases, or something.

Meanwhile, over at The Politico, they are worried about what will happen in Cancun, and take Obama to task for “not being up to the job.” Other than creating a massive carbon footprint himself, partying, playing golf, campaigning, and, oh, doing exactly the opposite of what the People want, what part of governance is Obama exactly “up to the job on”? He’s making Marie Antoinette look good in comparison.

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