Michelle Grants Pie Amnesty, Gives Alms to the Poor

The First Lady announced just before Thanksgiving…….whew!……….. that she would give America a “break” from her food policing….but only for a few days. LET THEM EAT PIE!

Michelle “Being-First-Lady-Is-Hell” Obama had plenty of time to get her photo op with the “little people” who have no jobs the day before Thanksgiving. That’s because she had hordes of other “little people” tasked with decorating, cooking and cleaning for the Obama White House Thanksgiving dinner.

But even when she’s trying to “be charitable,” we have to be reminded that Michelle is so much more special than her subjects:

US first lady Michelle Obama wears $540 Lanvin pink and grey shoes as she volunteers with Congressional spouses to assemble bags of food to feed 1,000 students who participate in the Food for Kids program, at the Capital Area Foodbank in Washington, April 29, 2009. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

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–Who can forget the $540 Lanvin spangle-toe tennis shoes she wore to the food pantry last year?

WASHINGTON - APRIL 29: (L-R) Vicki Escarra, President and Chief Executive Officer of Feeding America, first lady Michelle Obama, Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, and Lynn Brantley, Capital Area Food Bank President and CEO, join congressional spouses and volunteers at the Capitol Area Food Bank for Feeding America on April 29, 2009 in Washington , D.C. (Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Sunshine Sachs & Associates)

–Who can forget the disdainful response of Michelle’s “little people” to the reporter who DARED to ask WTF she was doing wearing obscenely-expensive footwear to a charity for the poor?

“They’re SHOES,” the First Lady’s reps sniffed when curious reporters inquired about the fancy footwear.”

–Never mind the negative “blowback” from her five-star multi-million dollar vacation with her 40 bestest friends evah in Spain. Is anyone in the lap-doggy media even remembering anymore the $200-million PER DAY Indian-Asian “economic development” flopalooza?

If these were Republicans slopping at the public trough like this, you BETCHA we’d still be hearing about it!

Michelle is tone-deaf as ever to the economic pain of millions of unemployed Americans, especially now at holiday time.

–Check out what’s dangling from Michelle’s neck as she handed out food donations to the needy at the Martha’s Table center in Washington, D.C.

It’s a “Prova” scarf, by designer Irini Arakas. Michelle also wore a Prova to show dhimmitude while visiting a mosque in Indonesia.

Ass-embly not included

So she owns at least TWO of them.

Prova scarves: $465 to $495

A visit to the website shows the Prova scarves run from $465 to $495 apiece.

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