Why Would the Obama Administration Think China Will “Help” with N. Korean Aggression?

This little story : is a ridiculous oversimplification of the facts, but since President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are either ignoring the obvious: or trying to gild it over with idle threats, maybe this will take things to a level they will understand.:  Maybe President Obama can take the time to read the report enclosed in this post while he sits with an icebag on his mouth from his basketball game injury.

Envision a school play yard, way back in the baseball field by the fence.:  It’s the lunch hour and the teachers and parent supervisors are eating and talking far away under a shade tree.

There is a star athlete kid out on the baseball field.: : He is the one at school : who has been winning races and ball games and being teacher’s pet since third grade when he spurted up to be taller and stronger than his classmates. : Now: the boys are all : in the sixth grade, and suddenly today as the “star” : plays baseball with them, he notices a lot of the other boys have finally caught up to him in height and weight.: :  They are hitting the ball well.

The other boys have known it all year.:  The “star” didn’t notice because he was so busy thinking about his own accomplishments and basking in the praise of his parents and teachers.: 

The “star” was usually the pitcher, but today another boy was picked to be pitcher.: :  The “star” was in the outfield.: :  A big, long hit comes his way.: :  He misses the catch and runs to field the : ball towards the fence.:  When he turns around, suddenly both teams of boys are coming towards him.:  Suddenly, this isn’t a ball game anymore.

One of the other boys teases the star about missing the catch,:  being a little slow to the ball.:  Another one is critical and calls him “fatso.”:  The others laugh a little too loudly.:  The “star” is puzzled and annoyed.:  He is circled.:  Someone pushes him from behind.:  The boys are laughing.:  The “star” looks off in the distance but sees the teachers and lunch monitors are talking with their backs turned and eating their lunch.:  He is on his own.:  Other kids are playing, but also, off in the distance.:  Some of the boys he considers friends have funny looks on their faces.:  Why are they laughing at him?:  He laughs too and then he stops laughing.

Another push from behind sends the star pitching forward to his hands and knees.:  His neck whiplashed a little in the fall and he feels a little dazed.:  The boys are taunting him now, calling him “little big man.” They are kicking him now…circled around, making fun of his inability to rise and fight back.:  Dirt is kicked into his face and eyes.:  Thuds of school shoes land on his ribs.:  Clearly, the boys on the playground are tired of being dominated and ignored : by the “star” athlete.

In less than a minute, the “star athlete” is kicked and pummelled:  so viciously that: he must go to the hospital for treatment. He won’t tell the teachers and principal who did this to him, because he knows next time, the boys’ punishment will probably be worse and more secretive for having been a snitch.: : 

The principal calls the boys to the office and : warns the boys they will be punished, but he tells them the school district policy is such that he can’t punish the boys unless he has a witness statement to say who did it.: :  None of the boys will say.:  Later, one of the boys’ parents calls the principal and : threatens to sue the school district for making “false” allegations about their son.:  No punishment is given to anyone.

When: the: “star” : is walking home from school alone, about a month later, it happens again.:  Many of the same boys are involved, and this time the beating is worse.:  This time, they have a baseball bat and hit him so hard on the head that he is knocked unconscious.:  The “star athlete” dies of brain injuries in the hospital.

The boys from school, their parents, the teachers and the principal: attend the funeral.

: —–: 

Now read all of this report from Middle East Review of International Affairs.: : : This extremely important report got some coverage: when it was released, but not much attention from the American mainstream media.

After reading that report showing a 30-year technology and nuclear alliance of China and North Korea and a nuclear: pact of China, North Korea and Iran since the early 90s, someone please explain why President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are calling upon China to “help” convince North Korea to stop attacking South Korea.: : 

The New York Times still seems puzzled today why China isn’t jumping to “help” just because Barack and Hillary are snapping their fingers.:  Why??

“China isn’t 100 percent on board with U.S. efforts,” said Andrew L. Oros, an Asia expert at Washington College, in Chestertown, Md., because Beijing is “concerned with the idea of a unified Korea with U.S. troops stationed there.”

That concern has left a succession of American governments attempting the impossible.

“Basically, the U.S. wants China to do what the U.S. wants it to do,” said Rodger Baker, vice president for strategic intelligence at Stratfor, a geopolitical risk analysis company. “We want to make sure that the world stays as the United States would like to see the world. Which means making China subservient to us in some cases. In the case of North Korea, the Chinese see it as the United States pushing its policy on China and not allowing the Chinese to make their own policy, while removing from China one of the tools that it has decided it needs for its own interests.”

It’s very, very simple what is going on right now.: :  China, North Korea, Iran:  (and also Syria, Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon) are the boys on the playground.:  They have decided what they are going to do.:  They are just waiting for the right time to do it.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  Chinese army drills: 

: : : : : : : : : : :  The “new” Silk Road — Source: MERIA

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  North Korean army drills

China and North Korea generals reviewing troops in October, recalling Korean War Alliance
Color China Photo, via Associated Press

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