Team Obama Dumps $500 Million Into UN Climate Slush Fund

Thank goodness, the UN Green Climate Fund was almost out of cash. Seriously, what would dictators do without it? Fortunately, there’s almost no transparency in the way the funds are used

(Reuters) The United States has paid $500 million into the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund, the first tranche of the $3 billion it pledged as part of the commitments it made in the December Paris Climate Agreement, the State Department confirmed Monday.

“This grant is the first step toward meeting the president’s commitment of $3 billion to the GCF, and shows that the United States stands squarely behind our international climate commitments,” a State Department spokesman said.

I’d like to say this is Obama’s commitment, so, he should use his own money or raise it from soliciting donations from all the uber-rich Warmists in the U.S. But, they don’t like to use their own money, they like Other People’s money, and the idiot Republicans in Congress authorized this money in the latest sprawling budget deal.

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Think what we could do with $500 million. Work programs for US citizens. Fixing the issue in Flint, Michigan. Fixing the problems with the Veteran’s Administration. Heck, it could be used to save much of Obamacare’s failing co-ops and exchanges. Liberals would like that, right? Help send US citizens to college. At the end of the day, this is just a redistribution of wealth scheme, which enriches the United Nations and dictators. The United State will receive no benefit from this. Like much of the aid money the US gives to the UN, we’ll not be given any kudos when it is distributed.

Héla Cheikhrouhou, the fund’s executive director, told Reuters earlier this month she will ask the board to approve an increase of between 80 and 120 new staff to meet the spending target.

So, instead of being spent on ‘climate change’ initiatives, a goodly chunk will simply go towards paying for administration. Will the UN provide all the details on how the money is spent? Doubtful.

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