Five Reasons Trump May Be A Better President Than You Think

This comes to us via Breitbart’s Brian McClanahan, who wonders if a President Trump would be that bad, noting that the Establishment thinks so, and offers 5 reasons why Trump would be better than you think. Let’s dive into four of them, before hitting up the one that really stood out to me.

First is that Trump supposedly has some good advisors, such as Senator Jeff Sessions, and will “look into things”, rather than simply acting with executive orders. Not sure if I’m buying the executive orders thing.

Second, Trump won’t start WWIII, because he was totes against the Iraq War (McClanahan forgets to mention that Trump was for Operation Iraqi Freedom before he was against it, and flipped at the same time Democrats decided to take a stand against President Bush for political purposes) and would place American interests over those of other nations. I can see Trump being rather isolationist for international affairs, and protectionist regarding economic affairs.

Third is that we may get Judge Andrew Napolitano (yeah, the Fox News guy) on the Supreme Court. Seriously. I’m not sure how putting a guy who is a 9/11 Truther on the Supreme Court is a good idea.

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Fifth is that Trump would clean up corruption, starting with prosecuting Hillary Clinton, and writes “It would not be hard to image a similar great purge of establishment corruption from D.C. should Trump be elected. It would be like shining lights on cockroaches.” A case could be made for and against Trump cleaning up corruption.

Here’s the 4th

Trump brings back the Reagan coalition: It wasn’t that long ago that people used to salivate over the 1980s Reagan coalition of blue-collar Democrats and white-collar Republicans. Trump has that kind of appeal. This is why his message resonates across the political spectrum and why many Americans are supporting him. If the Republican Party is serious about a “big tent” philosophy, Trump is their guy. Most conservatives vote Republican because they lack real alternatives. It is better, they think, to hold their nose and pull the lever for Mitt Romney than vote for Barack Obama. This hasn’t worked, and American knows it. Trump represents real America, what Glenn Beck recently derided as the “bubba effect,” and real America is ready to kick the establishment to the curb. They want jobs, security, and someone who isn’t afraid to stand up to the cultural Marxism of the establishment, both Left and Right. Reagan would agree. He nailed the “bubba” vote as well. That worked out ok.

Trump very much is bringing together many constituents. He’s even captured some Conservatives and Tea Party folks. I’ve talked to a lot of folks, and it seems that many who are squishy Republicans, squishy Democrats, Blue Dog Democrats, and those who hate both parties are going for Trump. Interestingly, though, Trump has brought together the Establishment Republicans and Conservatives/Tea Party members in their #NeverTrump calls. Their reasons vary. But, they are most certainly against Trump. Because, while he does hold some Conservative positions, he also holds many that are Liberal, and he’s flipped and flopped, so, we do not really know his deeply held convictions.

All that said, here’s something to consider: many are holding on to their Principles in saying #NeverTrump. I understand that feeling. But, this is politics, so, let’s add another P word: pragmatism. Is it better to have a guy who claims to be a Republican in office than someone like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Is it better to get some of what you want rather than all of what you don’t want? Yes, we’ve been disappointed time and time again by Republicans. How’s it working out with President Obama? Are you enjoying this period of time? You may despise John McCain and Mitt Romney, but, would they have been better?

Furthermore, those against Trump have to consider that the GOP needs to retain the House and Senate. I doubt there’s any chance of losing the House, but, the Senate could be lost. We need to be fired up even if Trump is the nominee, and make sure we get out and vote. And get others to vote. This goes for the States that have state elections in November, as well.

Politics is about Power, a fourth P. You need to be in the majority to have wield power. Do you want Obamacare replaced? Vote Trump if he’s the candidate. Hold your nose. Think pragmatism. But, hope that it is Cruz who wins the nomination.

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