Ted Cruz To Sierra Club Head: What Would It Take To Change Your Mind On ‘Climate Change’?

This exchange is very illuminating when it comes to the Cult of Climastrology

(The Blaze) Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) repeatedly grilled Sierra Club President Aaron Mair Tuesday, asking whether his organization would issue a formal retraction if evidence contrary to his global warming testimony were provided to the environmental group.

Mair had testified during a Senate hearing that “our planet is cooking and heating up and warming.”

Cruz, who said that recent satellite data did not show a warming trend, asked Mair whether he would retract his statement if the data were given to him.

“Is it the Sierra Club’s position as you just testified, that the Earth is cooking up and heating and warming right now? Is that the Sierra Club’s position?” Cruz asked.

“Global temperatures are on the rise sir,” Mair replied.

“And I assume that the Sierra Club would issue a public retraction if confronted with the facts?” Cruz asked. “That the data are precisely as I described. That over the last 18 years there has been no significant warming. And indeed that is why global alarmists invented the term ‘the pause’ to explain what they call the pause in global arming because the data demonstrate what you just said that the Earth is cooking and warming is not backed up by the data.”

“We are concurring with 97 percent of the scientists that say the exact opposite, sir,” Mair replied.

As you can see in the video, and read at the link, Senator Cruz continued to ask questions to elicit any response in which Mr. Mair would repudiated his beliefs in anthropogenic climate change if provided with proof that ACC is a bunch of mule fritters. Mair would not say it. Cruz ended with

“You know, Mr. Mair, I find it striking that for a policy organization that purports to focus exclusively on environmental issues, that you are not willing to tell this committee that you would issue a retraction if your testimony is objectively false under scientific data,” Cruz said. “That undermines the credibility of any organization.”

That’s ‘climate change’ belief in a nutshell: there is nothing that will convince 97% of Warmists that they’re beliefs are wrong. If, as some scientists suggest, the Earth goes into a slight cooling phase, similar to the 40’s through 70’s (which resulted in news magazines wondering if the Earth was headed for a new ice age), members of the Cult of Climastrology will have plenty of excuses, while at the same time blaming Mankind for the cooling while still claiming that destructive warming is coming soon. If the Earth went into an typical Holocene cool period, ala the Little Ice Age, or even a new glacial period, they would do the same.

Nothing will ever change their minds because this is not about science, but political belief.

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