GUTS! Russians Drop Leaflets on ISIS Warning Them to Give Up Now

GUTS! Russians Drop Leaflets on ISIS Warning Them to Give Up Now

Russia is getting things done in Iraq, while Barack Obama continues to deny the reality of Islamic terrorism. They’ve just
dropped thousands of leaflets in Iraq warning ISIS fighters to get out now, before the Russian onslaught begins.

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Syrian army helicopters have dropped tens of thousands of leaflets on ISIS and rebel fighters, warning them to get out now and ‘don’t make it even worse for yourselves’.

The flyers were let go over the embattled cities of Rastan and Talbiseh, which have been pounded by Moscow’s warplanes this week and where Russia claims 5,000 ISIS and al-Nusra Front terrorists are stationed.

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It came as Russian media said there would soon be a large ground operation in the area driven by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s troops – with Russia’s military backing from the air and possibly on the ground, involving Spetsnatz special forces.

Iranian troops are said to have crossed the border from Iraq last week to help prop up Assad’s ailing regime.

A pamphlet aimed at civilians, and designed to look like ‘religious literature’, read: ‘Co-operate with the army and leave the zone of the special operations for the sake of your own life.’

It said they can travel through Syrian checkpoints safely with the leaflet, and the government will give them ‘shelter, food and medical aid’.

Another one, meant for ISIS fighters, said: ‘Don’t make it even worse for yourselves.

‘The Motherland [presumably Syria] is ready to hug you back again. Give up your arms as hundreds of other young guys like you have done.’

One of the pamphlets, obtained by the Kremlin-friendly Russian Komsomolskaya Pravda website, featured a cartoon of an al-Nusra front figurine being wound up by Israel and the United States.

The message accompanying the propaganda cartoon – designed to sow divisions between the extremist factions – read: ‘Al-Nusra terrorists, they are American and Israeli rebels.’

The leaflets, were dropped out of ageing Russian-made Mi-8 helicopters guided by a ‘tablet with Google Maps’.

The newspaper’s reporter also said: ‘Very soon the attack of the Syrian army will start here’ – referring to Rastan and Talbiseh.

It will be pretty awesome if Russia backs up their smack talk, but it will also be embarrassing. America has the strongest military in the world, yet Obama has us fiddling around, letting weaker countries take care of business for us. He’s allowed a vacuum of power to open, and Vladimir Putin is only too happy to fill it — and that’s definitely bad news.

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