Treehugger Shows What A Post Fossil Fueled World Looks Like

This one’s a hoot: A Graphic Video Demonstration of Life After The Kunstlerian Decline of a World Dependent on Oil (and if someone could tell me what a “Kunstlerian Decline” actually is, that would be great, since the only occurrence of that phrase is linked to this same Treehugger story). Unfortunately, there is little to the story, mostly a video, so, I can’t do something like write “can you guess what has them all excited?” and hide the video under a more tag, so, just enjoy the humor

There is something poetic about this video of a tanker truck being pulled out of a snowbank by a an Amish horse team in Central Pennsylvania.

But even the horses have their own problems; watch closely at 24 seconds, as a small rodent runs across the road and flips them out. Car blog Jalopnik is traumatized by this “conquest of old technology over new” whereas we deem it symbolic of the inevitable Kunstlerian decline of the fossil-fuel powered world we live in.

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There is also something poetic about using a video in which there is lots of snow and ice, and it is very cold to prop up climate alarmism.

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