Who are the dictators, here?


…is such a common accusation in Madison today that one hardly notices anymore. Not that a Lefty calling a conservative “dictator” is new. To the Left, a “dictator” is a conservative who won an election.

But: who, exactly, are the dictators here?

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In a dictatorship, there is no authority higher than the will of the dictator. A framework of laws may well exist, and that framework may normally apply to the government. But if that framework doesn’t give the dictator what he wants, then the dictator ignores it.

The dictator’s will is supreme. A nation of one man — not a nation of laws.

Does that apply to Wisconsin today? Scott Walker won a legal, democratic election, as did enough other Republican candidates to give Republicans historically large legislative majorities.

Scott Walker wrote and introduced a budget repair bill in accordance with the laws of Wisconsin and the rules of the Legislature. That bill has been advanced through the legislative process in complete accordance with those same laws and rules.

We live in a nation of laws, not of men. The laws have to be applied. The rules are written down so everyone knows what they are, and those rules must be followed.

However. Fourteen Senate Democrats saw those legal, democratic elections and that legislation moving legally through the established process and said: no. Those 14 Senate Democrats then did something entirely in conflict with the state’s Constitution and those same legislative rules: they fled the state to prevent a quorum.

By doing so, these 14 Democrats have told Wisconsin: our will is more important than the Constitution, more important than the law, more important than the rules. Rather than a nation of laws, not of men, they said, we live in a nation where our will must come first.

Because we don’t like the results of these legal, democratic processes, the rule of law must make way for us.

Dictators do not operate within existing legal frameworks unless those frameworks work for them. When the legal framework stifles or frustrates the dictator, the dictator ignores it. The dictator’s will holds sway, regardless of what any legal framework says.

That is what dictators do.

Wisconsin’s legal framework is frustrating the democratically elected Republican governor and majorities today – they cannot pass important pieces of legislation because they are one Senator short of a quorum. And yet, they continue to abide by that legal framework.

Fourteen Wisconsin Democrats have told Wisconsin: our will must hold sway over the legal framework. The rules, procedures, laws cannot apply now, because we oppose the results. Our will is more important than the rule of law.

Who are the dictators here?

(Posted by Lance Burri, The TrogloPundit)

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