VIDEO: Absurd Leftists Fool People Into Fearing That Wisconsin Budget Bill is Crafted to Kill People

Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute reports on how left-wing radicals are fooling sick people in Wisconsin into imagining that Governor Walker’s budget proposal is meant to kill all sick people.

Here is one of those poor people that have been bamboozled into imagining that they are going to be killed by the state of Wisconsin because Governor Walker is attempting to instill some fiscal sanity in the Badger State.

Too bad this deluded woman hasn’t been paying attention to Barack Obama whose Obamacare is filled with the sort of rationing that this woman fears and whose administration is filled with people that have repeatedly said that they want to cut off care for the sickest among us due to budgetary considerations.

Meanwhile, as these teachers flout their actual jobs and continue to flood the state capitol with protests, MacIver has calculated that these union toughs could cost the state as much a $9 million tax dollars.

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Naturally, the commies and socialists are also flooding the state with their hat-based, anti-American activities.

Notice that these commies and socialists are all half educated, punk kids all under 25 years of age, people who don’t have the common sense nor the historical perspective to even understand what they heck they are babbling about. Proof to the adage that children should be seen and not heard.

Ann Althouse also has a video proving how little these left-wingers care about war memorials, too. In the Wic. State House is a memorial to Wisconsin’s soldiers and these leftists were using the war memorial as a backstop upon which to paste their left-wing protest signs.

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