UN Green Climate Fund Increases Staffing By 150% After Obama Contributes $500 Million Of Taxpayer Money

One of the problems with many organizations, be that environmental or about helping people, is that they spend a huge amount of their “budget”, said budget which usually comes from donations, fundraising, and/or taxpayer money, on staffing, fundraising, and other things instead of the causes and people it was meant to support. If you’ve ever read Michael Crichton’s State Of Fear, this is what so many environmental groups do. There are certain groups which always show up during disasters that I refuse to donate too, because only a small percentage of the money I donate makes it to those in need. Which is despicable.

When Obama gave away $500 million in taxpayer money to the GCF, I wrote of the plan to increase staffing

So, instead of being spent on ‘climate change’ initiatives, a goodly chunk will simply go towards paying for administration. Will the UN provide all the details on how the money is spent? Doubtful.

And here’s the answer

(CNS News) The U.N. Green Climate Fund’s governing board has approved a proposal to hike the number of permanent staff at the body’s secretariat by 150 percent by the end of next year – from the current 56 positions to 140.

The decision, made at a meeting at the GCF’s headquarters in Songdo, South Korea last week, came days after the Obama administration confirmed payment of the first $500,000 of a $3-billion, four-year pledge to the fund, whose aim is to help developing countries reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to phenomena blamed on climate change.

The staff will make a nice bit of moola, instead of working for peanuts, “paying their fair share”, to use liberal talking points

The GCF’s administration budget for 2016, agreed at the last board meeting four months ago, is $29.157 million. The breakdown is $3.64 million for the board, $24.64 million for the secretariat, and $0.87 million for the trustee – the entity responsible for the receipt, investment and transfer of financial contributions.

Of the $3.64 million budgeted for the board this year, $1.32 million is for board meetings and $22,500 is for travel for the two co-chairs and board representative.

Of the $24.64 million budgeted for the secretariat this year, $11.36 million is for staff salaries and costs, and $13.28 million is for “non-staff costs,” including travel, contractual services and communication costs.

Good work if you can get it. Simple math would tell us that these green climate warriors make almost $200,000 a year. Plus perks and travel and stuff. But, I bet they are very good at distributing the slush fund to dictators while telling citizens living in huts with dirt floors that they may not have modern electricity, fossil fueled vehicles, refrigerators, and all the other modern conveniences the employees at the UN GCF enjoy.

But, hey, we can all rely on the United Nations to use the money wisely, right?

Congress should reduce the State Department budge by $500 million for the next fiscal year.

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