They Heard Noises Coming from Hole in Cemetery… What Was Inside? OMG

They Heard Noises Coming from Hole in Cemetery… What Was Inside? OMG

The natural instinct of a Mother is to sacrifice, to provide and protect for her offspring. This is for most any species of Mother across the globe. The story of this Mother, is no exception…but exceptional.

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Photographs that were released of a homeless mother dog and her innovative strategy to provide for her newborn pups make clear that she has more in common with humans than many people would expect.

These pictures, taken in Serbia, went viral a little over a year ago because people around the world could connect with the dogs basic desires to keep her children safe. Together they tell a heartwarming story of a mother’s loyalty and devotion, while also making clear that all species benefit from compassion.

This new mother was homeless and knew she had to protect her pups from the harsh Siberian weather. She took shelter in a dirt crevice she dug in a graveyard, underneath a grave marker.

She borrowed herself, as well as her pups, into the hole for safety. This makeshift shelter was necessary for the wellbeing of both her and her offspring.


Eventually, a local citizen visiting the graveyard noticed the gorgeous mother and her pups huddled up together in the ground, and immediately took action.


To gain the mother’s trust, they began giving her food and water, luring her out of the hole. Eventually the mother felt safe enough to actually eat out of the citizen’s hand. Following their rescue, both the mother and her pups received immediate medical attention.



All pups and Mama dog are healthy and happy! Thanks to this citizen and her kind soul.

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