Warmist Christmas Wish List Includes New “Carbon” Regulations

Continuing the 25 Days Of Climate Christmas, here’s Warmist Karen Telleen-Lawton in Santa Barbara

(Noozhawk) My holiday wish list is a little beyond my family to manage, so I’m putting it out to the world. It’s not dazzling or even visible in the short term, but stems from the startling fact that the U.S. still has no national limit on carbon pollution from power plants.

Now, regulations on the largest source of carbon pollution are finally within sight. Last September, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed federal carbon pollution standards for new fossil fuel fired power plants. At an emission rate of about 2.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide pollution per year, fossil fuel-burning power plants are the nation’s single largest of source of emissions, producing about 40 percent of the total. Carbon dioxide traps heat, which destabilizes the climate. My wish is that these new regs be passed in 2014.

How cute, “destabilizes”. I hadn’t heard that gripe before, but I suppose it goes to the Warmist notion of “extreme weather”, which hasn’t happened. I wonder if Ms. Telleen-Lawton can enlighten us as to when Earth’s climate has been stable? Oh, right, that happens mostly during ice ages and “snowball Earth”

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The proposed standards are not just an edict without reasonable alternatives for meeting the demand. Solutions are available and in use today, including renewable energy, natural gas, coal with carbon recapture technology, and improved energy efficiency. The proposed standards are good for business because they provide reduced uncertainty about investing in alternative sources. Technology businesses will be able to bring to production cleaner, safer and more efficient solutions.

Notice what’s going on here: Ms. Telleen-Lawton is doing the typical Warmist schtick and wanting to implement Hotcoldwetdry policies on Someone Else. Furthermore, nowhere does she realize that her “wish list” will cause pain for those companies, which will be passed on in the form of higher consumer costs and lost jobs.

Carbon pollution affects rich and poor, urban and rural in every state of the nation. With a leveled playing field, the market can be trusted to devise ways of encouraging sustainable practices and discouraging polluting ones. Santa, can you just sprinkle us with some (biodegradable) fairy dust to encourage passage of the carbon pollution regulations?

Leveled playing field? Doesn’t sound too fascistic (National Socialist Party, anyone?), does it? Santa, can you sprinkle Warmists with some fairy dust that causes Warmists to give up their own fossil fueled vehicles and make their own lives “carbon neutral”?

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