Warmists: Media’s Biggest Failure Is “Ignoring the ‘Profound Crisis’ of Climate Change”

‘Climate change’ is a subject that many may say “yes, I’m very concerned” and then jump in their fossil fueled vehicles and completely forget about this non-existent threat that has nary a bit of influence on their lives, something that has caused them problems (except for the increase in cost of living from Warmist laws and regulations). This has made Warmists very upset, to the point of blaming the mostly Leftist media for not scaremongering enough regarding an “issue” that most really do not care about

The Media’s Biggest 2016 Failure Isn’t Donald Trump: It’s Ignoring the ‘Profound Crisis’ of Climate Change

Hey, did you hear the one about how the planet is dying quickly and we’re probably all doomed?

It’s true! Just this past week, the world got a fun update about just how much danger we’re in thanks to climate change. This one came courtesy of the West Antarctic ice sheet, which is, well, a giant sheet of ice in Antarctica and which is potentially disintegrating at a pace that, in the words of the New York Times, could help send sea levels rising enough to cause “a profound crisis within the lifetimes of children being born today.”

That seems like kind of a big deal, right? It kind of puts all of the more immediate fights we’re having in an ominous perspective, no? It’s the sort of topic you might expect, say, a presidential campaign to be taking more seriously, wouldn’t you think?

I read a lot of zombie fiction, but, I understand that they aren’t real and won’t suddenly become real. Warmists believe anthropogenic climate change is real and will doom us all, so, to solve this, they want lots and lots of taxes and more and more power shifted to centralized government.

Forgive the heavy sarcasm. Anyone who’s been watching the 2016 race will know that climate change has taken the furthest of backseats to a host of other issues. It got an indirect injection into the whirl of the campaign on Thursday, when Hillary Clinton angrily accused Bernie Sanders of lying about the money she’s getting from members of the fossil fuel industry. (She wasn’t quite telling the truth in that moment, by the way.) Candidates accusing each other of lying—now that is something the political media can get behind! Summaries of the back-and-forth duly popped up everywhere. Politico even got around to mentioning Clinton’s record on environmental issues—in the last couple of paragraphs of its story. Besides that, any extensive discussion of climate change has been very difficult to find. The lack of attention paid to it at presidential debates has become something of a running joke.

When it comes to it, ‘climate change’ is less of a serious issue than the debate over North Carolina’s HB2, regarding gender confused people using opposite biological sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers (and is also disappearing from the public view). Some people might care in theory, but, most vote with their pocketbooks, and ‘climate change’ is simply a theoretical issue, one which is not tangible.

This is all, to put it mildly, insane. At a certain point in this century, the rapid demise of the earth is going to be a problem that is much too difficult and dangerous to ignore. Alarm bells are everywhere—in frequent reports of record-breaking temperatures (it was just 71 degrees in Alaska!); in studies predicting the possibility of sudden, vast chaos and ruin; in pleas with the world to move even more aggressively to combat climate change than it has. The world has no wiggle room. Everyone needed to be freaking out at maximum speed a long time ago.

Perhaps people are simply tired of listening to Chicken Little’s yammer about utter doom. And watching the Chicken Little’s fail to practice what they preach.

And watching the Chicken Little’s prognostications fail to materialize. Warmists are like the guy standing in the street with a sign proclaiming the end is nigh, foaming at the mouth, yet, said doom never materializes.

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