If Elected, Trump Says He Will Totally Be “More Presidential” Or Something

No, really, but only if elected

(Breitbart ) During a town hall Sunday on Fox News Channel with GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, Trump said that he will be “more presidential” and change his tone once he wins, but he said that does not mean he will not hit back harder if attacked first.

“Tone to me matters. Being presidential matters,” Trump told host Greta Van Susteren. “If somebody hits me, I have to hit them back. I have to. I’m not going to sit there and say, ‘I’m wonderful, I’m a president.’ I want to win. I will be so presidential you won’t believe it.”

Van Susteren asked him to expound on being “presidential.”

Trump responded, “It means maybe not be so aggressive, maybe not get so personal. But when people get personal with me, they say, oh, they don’t like my hair, okay? If I ever said I don’t like their hair it would be a headline. They’re allowed to say whatever they want to about me. My hair is not that bad is it? And it is my hair. But you know what happens? What happens is they hit me and I hit them back harder and, usually in all cases, they do it first. But they hit me and I hit them back harder and they disappear. That’s what we want to lead the country.”

He then added, “I will be so presidential, Greta, you will be so proud of me.”

Isn’t the idea of a primary campaign, and a general, to prove that a candidate is presidential? Not that they might decide to be presidential if they are elected?

As for the hitting back part, the problem there is knowing when one should hit back twice as hard and when one should respond simply with facts. And whether one should even hit back at all. We’ve been witness to an Obama administration that goes after political opponents willy nilly, even using the power of the federal government to intimidate opponents and critics. Do we want another bully as president?

I’ve mentioned this before, but, one thing that interested me about Donald Trump early on was that he was willing to put in play the principles of Vox Day’s book SJW Always Lie, which is not about what the SJWs stand for, their history, etc, it’s about recognizing them and dealing with them. Whether Trump has ever read this, I couldn’t tell you (Vox Day is a massive Trump supporter). That said, one of the principles is about never apologizing to a SJW. Another is hitting back twice as hard, because SJWs like to attack those who are defenseless, and will disappear like the cockroaches they are when hit back.

One thing Day discusses, though, is when to hit back, because not everyone is a SJW! You have to understand who deserves an apology and who doesn’t. The same goes for hitting back. Donald doesn’t seem to have a notion of who is a SJW and who isn’t. He seems to treat all critics as people who are shanking him in the back. Not particularly presidential.

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