You Too Can Help Save Gaia With A Special Haircut

I expect all alarmists to run out and get Officially Approved haircuts in order to help stop globull warming

A Japanese company has ordered all 2,700 of its employees to get identical hairstyles – to help save energy.

Tokyo-based Maeda Corporation announced the move as part of a national campaign to reduce energy consumption in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March.

Men are expected to sport a short back-and-sides, slightly longer on the top, while women have been asked to wear a ‘cute’ bob with a fringe that can be swept to one side.

Now, on the surface, this isn’t a really bad idea for the current conditions in Japan. The company says that, despite having no data to support the notion, this will mean less use of hair dryers, and with so many nuclear power plants down post earthquake, they do need to be power conscience. Kinda like being judicious with your power use during peak times in the summer. But, then we get

Chizuru Inoue, a spokesman for Maeda Corp, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Our company is very keen on protecting the environment and we encourage our staff to adopt many environment-friendly actions,

We all know that those phrases are referring to man released greenhouse gases making it hot/cold/wet/dry. We’ve seen the same talk for a long time, meant to make people think that a warming world will destroy the environment of the planet, making everything look like the set of Mad Max. Weird that the planet was pretty damned green, with gigantic plants like ferns, back when the dinosaurs ruled. And CO2 was well over 1,000ppm.

Anyhow, I suggest that all Warmists get out there and not only get the recommended haircuts, but just shave their heads. That way, there will be no need for hair dryers at all, nor any haircare products, saving Gaia from evil shampoo. Unless you use a bike powered blender to make your own shampoo, of course. Besides, a change of climate can cause you to lose your hair, so, just shave it, lady!

Via Tom Nelson.

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