The 5 Biggest Liberal Freak-Outs Over Trump’s Election

The 5 Biggest Liberal Freak-Outs Over Trump’s Election

My latest Townhall column is called, The 5 Biggest Liberal Freak-Outs Over Trump’s Election. Here’s an excerpt for the column.


If conservatives made it through eight years of Obama, liberals can make it through eight years of Trump. Of course, as a general rule, conservatives aren’t snowflakes who whine about being triggered and desperately need safe spaces to cope with the fact that there are people who disagree with them. Liberals tend to be a bit more fragile. So when something upsets their little world, things can go sideways quickly, which makes for amusing reading for the rest of us.

1) Trump’s Election Stole My Desire To Look For A Partner: “Once it was clear that Donald Trump would be president instead of Hillary Clinton, I felt sick to my stomach. I wanted to gather my children in bed with me and cling to them like we would if thunder and lightning were raging outside, with winds high enough that the power might go out. The world felt that precarious to me.

…That urge to cling to my family while keeping our foundation strong didn’t mesh well with continuing to date the man I’d been seeing. He also has a daughter. He, too, had been feeling a lot of the same emotions I was experiencing: hopelessness; fear; uncertainty about the future; panic over having to talk to my 9-year-old about anything that might come up at school, or what to do in the instance of sexual assault. But I couldn’t reach out to him anymore. He was too new, too unfamiliar.

My focus had to be on my community of friends that are my family. I need to fiercely love the people close to me instead of learning to love someone new. To reach out to others could weaken the bonds that hold my family together.

‘I can’t,’ I told him. ‘I just can’t.’

I’ve lost the desire to attempt the courtship phase. The future is uncertain. I am not the optimistic person I was on the morning of Nov. 8, wearing a T-shirt with ‘Nasty Woman’ written inside a red heart. It makes me want to cry thinking of that.

2) How I Ended Up In A Psych Ward On Election Night: “I found out Donald Trump had won the Electoral College while midstream in providing a urine sample for the emergency psychiatric staff of a New York City public hospital. The unlockable bathroom door in this unescapable wing was ajar, and I could hear the victorious Mike Pence’s sinister Sunday-school baritone taunting me with the truth from the hallway television.

…Terror drove me to this interrupted state. I was afraid for the nation, for the stigmatized and oppressed. I was also afraid for my own life. Because the values and principles I hold dear felt fatally incompatible with the hate and bigotry that Trumpism had come to stand for. I did not want to live in a world that would elect such a man as president.

I tumbled from quite the perch of high expectations. An official ‘Hillblazer,’ I raised $187,000 for Hillary Clinton and down-ballot Democrats, mostly by selling tickets to events headlined by first-name-basis gay icons — Cher, Barbra, Hillary herself.”

3) The Post-Trump Haircut: (This story from NYMag quotes multiple women) “’I cried for three days,’ the Atlanta native, 45, recalls. ‘I felt like it was the worst thing, politically, that ever happened in my lifetime. It was catastrophic.’ By Friday she noticed grays growing in, so she put on her big-girl panties and dragged herself to the drugstore. ‘Literally without thinking, I grabbed the Natural Black box by Garnier,’ she says. ‘I was like, f** it! The election deadened my soul. I think I wanted to do something defiant to feel stronger.’

…Over at Georgetown Salon & Spa, one of the most exclusive salons in D.C., much-sought-after colorist and stylist Mariangela Moore has witnessed this ‘take control’ movement daily for the past month. ‘One of my clients said, “Think of Melania Trump and go in the opposite direction,” she says. ‘She said, “I don’t want to be that person people see as sexual, I want to be seen as strong.”

…George Washington University teaching instructor Dr. Kristian Henderson had been battling with her hair for years, but after the election, she finally took off her weave and cut it all off. ‘The election results felt like an attack on minorities, women, and marginalized people in general. Having long hair was my attempt to fit into society, so after the election, I felt a need to exert my “uniqueness” and not tie my femininity to the length of my hair,’ she says.”

4) Rutgers University Professor Sent To Psych Ward Due To Anti-Trump Tweets: “A Rutgers University professor said police arrived at his Brooklyn home Tuesday (Nov.15) and took him (to) Bellevue Hospital’s psych ward at the request of campus officials due to his anti-Trump tweets.

‘Rutgers police told them I’m a threat based on political statements I’ve made on campus and on Twitter,’ Kevin Allred later tweeted after the authorities arrived.

…Allred, who teaches gender studies and has merited national attention because of his Beyonce course titled ‘Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé,’ told the Daily News he was placed in a van and sent to the hospital. Allred said he stayed at Bellevue’s psych ward for two hours before it was deduced he doesn’t have any mental health issues.

…In a Tweet posted to Allred’s account the day after Donald Trump was elected, Allred speaks of what he would do if (he) saw a Trump supporter.

‘If I see any Trump bumper stickers on the road today, my brakes will go out and I’ll run you off the road.’”

5) Faking Hate Crimes: “The first one to really go viral involved a Muslim female student at the University of Louisiana who claimed to have had her hijab ripped off and her wallet stolen the day after Trump’s election by two white men wearing Trump hats. But on Thursday, local police announced that the young woman had admitted she fabricated the story. ‘This incident is no longer under investigation,’ the Lafayette Police Department said in a press release.

…And an alleged incident of a gay man named Chris Ball getting beaten up by Trump supporters in Santa Monica on election night seems to have not happened the way it was initially recounted, if the incident even happened at all. The Santa Monica Police Department posted a message to Facebook Thursday saying that neither the department nor city officials had ‘received any information indicating this crime occurred in the City of Santa Monica’ and ‘a check of local hospitals revealed there was no victim of any such incident admitted or treated.’

….In one of the widely-shared stories, a black woman claimed that four white men had threatened her while she was pumping gas at a Smyrna, Delaware, gas station Wednesday. After talking about things would change now that Trump was president, one of the men allegedly approached her and asked, ‘How scared are you, black b*tch?’ before saying ‘I should kill you right now. You’re a waste of air.’ Another of the men allegedly flashed a gun and said, ‘You’re lucky there’s witnesses or else I’d shoot you right here.’

The woman, Ashley Boyer, posted about this awful incident on Facebook in an update that was since deleted; on Thursday, she followed up by noting that ‘charges were filed, fugitives were caught.’ But when PhillyVoice contacted Smyrna police Thursday, the department said no report about such an incident had been filed and no one had contacted them about anything similar. So PhillyVoice reached out to Delaware State Police… who reported that no neighboring police agencies had received any such reports either, and there was no record of any local 911 calls about such an incident. ‘There is no record of this occurring in Smyrna, if at all,’ said Corporal Brian Donner of the Delaware State Police.

The second alleged incident, out of Minnesota, involved an Asian college student named Kathy Mirah Tu who said she was accosted by a white man while crossing a bridge on the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities campus. ‘I was stop in my tracked by a white male, who yelled at me to “Go back to Asia,’” Tu posted to Facebook, in an update that had received more than 17,000 shares as of Thursday evening. ‘I pretended to not hear any thing and continue on walking since I didn’t want to create conflict. Shortly after that moment, I was stopped by that same man who told me ‘Don’t you know it’s disrespectful to walk away from someone when they are talking to you?’ After that, the man grabbed Tu’s wrist and threatened to hit her so she punched him, according to her post. ‘His friends who were watching the entire situation go down saw that I was going to the win fight and came over to his rescue and accused me of assaulting him and called the police.

According to Tu, the police arrived and handcuffed her but eventually let her off with a warning. Yet neither the campus police nor the Minneapolis Police Department have any record of the incident Tu describes. ‘We heard complaint from student related 2 Wash bridge yestdy, UMPD didnt respond to bridge or make an arrest,’ the University of Minnesota Police Department tweeted Thursday, also asking Tu or anyone who did know about the alleged incident to come forward.”

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