Republicans Bought Off By Unions Try to Sabatoge Trump pick for US Education Secretary

Republicans Bought Off By Unions Try to Sabatoge Trump pick for US Education Secretary

Left-wing activists are targeting Betsy DeVos in the immediate aftermath of a 50-50 procedural vote on whether or not to go forward with her nomination to be President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education.
The campaign, loosely organized around the hashtag #DumpDeVos and pushed by left-wing organizing interests, is targeting Republicans to try to get them to flip against the Trump administration.
DeVos gained 50 votes in a procedural vote late Wednesday afternoon, which would set Vice President Mike Pence up to break the tie and confirm her. Right now, there are two Republican holdouts: Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.
Bill McMorris reported that both Murkowski and Collins accepted campaign contributions from the National Education Association, the most potent teachers union in politics.
Nevada Sen. Dean Heller was on the fence, but he met with DeVos Wednesday, reported on Twitter that he had a productive meeting, and came around to back DeVos in the procedural vote.
On the Democratic side, Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida was seen as being on the fence, but he caved and sided with Democrats to oppose DeVos.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems to be hitting the gas pedal on Devos’ confirmation, following her meeting with Heller. A formal vote could occur on the Senate floor as early as Wednesday night.
Progressives are targeting Republicans to get them onto the fence. One activist claims to have moved Republican Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas into the ‘Maybe’ column.
Big League Politics is fighting fire with fire, having encouraged our supporters to call Collins and Murkowski to demand answers on their holdout.
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